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The way copper sulphate is being packed for sale inland
The way, copper sulphate, is packed for sale abroad. A 25 kg UN approved bags
The way, copper sulphate is packed for sale abroad. A 1000 kg bigbag
The way copper sulphate in bags is palletized for further transportation
The basic characteristics:
Copper sulphate
The formula
CuSO4 x 5H2O
Basic substance content
Not less than 99,1 %
Technical Instructions
The certificate of registration
└ N00921
The license for manufacture
└└ N770806
The certificate of conformity
VB N929356
ISO 9001:2009 certificate
UA 2.027.04545-10
Shelf life
Shelf life warranty
2 years from the date of manufacturing
Physical and chemical parameters:
Basic Substance Content CuSO4 x 5H2O
Not less than 99,1 %
Copper content
Not less than 25,22 %
Basic substance content
Not less than 99,1 %
Iron Content
No more than 0,02 %
Free sulphuric acid content
No more than 0,20 %
Insoluble residues
No more than 0,03 %
Arsenic content
No more than 0,002 %
  • For fighting protection against diseases of fruiters, grapevines and fruit bushes;
  • In metallurgy — for draw plate lubrication;
  • In metal finishing for electroplating of metals with copper;
  • In reservoirs, pools, rice checks — as an algaecide;
  • Against fungal diseases of wood;
  • For treatment of walls and ceilings before whitewashing;
  • For wood impregnation as a fire-retardant;
  • For manufacturing of synthetic fibres, organic dyes and mineral paints;
  • In livestock feed as a mineral additive in feed blends.
Packaging and transportation:
Copper sulphate is packaged in laminated polypropylene box type UN approved bags 25 and 50 kg. At the request of the customer the type of packaging can be changed. Transportation can be carried out without restrictions according to the rules of transportations of the given type of carrier.
Safety measures:
People with allergic and skin diseases should not work with copper sulphate. Do not smoke while working with the product. Wash your hands with soap thoroughly after using this product.
Conditions of storage:
Copper sulphate should be stored in dry warehouses far from foodstuff, medicines and feeds in places inaccessible for children and animals. The storage temperature should be within -40°C to +40°C. Protect against moisture.
With purchase of any quantity of copper sulphate the instruction for use on particular application is included, containing all the necessary information on the product.
More about our production:
History of origin of copper sulphate
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Atáthe European exhibition ináMadrid copper sulphate ofáour enterprise has been awarded with aáprize for the best quality ináEurope.
Copper sulphate is used to fight root bacterial cancer of fruit roses. For this purpose after removing the outgrowths it is necessary to put the roots of roses for 2-3 minutes in 1% solution of copper sulphate with subsequent washing with water.
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