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Using / Maintenance of pools
Frequently in such reservoirs as swimming pools, fountains, water basins for preventing excessive development of water vegetation and improve transparency of water we apply chemicals on the basis of copper sulphate. Copper sulphate is effective for preventing development of all kinds of seaweed, including fibrous, planktonic and ramified.

After some time stones in reservoirs get covered with algae, therefore they should be taken periodically out of water and washed out with rigid brush in water with copper sulphate. Besides, seaweed are the reason of turbidity of the water, this problem also can be solved with copper sulphate. Dissolved in small concentration it kills algae. This so-called «flowering» (when water is covered with duckweed) can be avoided, with acidifying water with peat, and copper sulphate, which is put in linen sack and put on the bottom of the reservoir.

We widely apply copper sulphate for disinfecting artificial reservoirs and pools from different sort of fungi.

Copper sulphate is applied to treatment against disease «Diplostamoze» affecting fresh-water fish. This disease is very dangerous, and to avoid infection one should apply copper sulphate. Copper sulphate is used for treatment of water where we breed fish.

There are examples of copper sulphate use in farms cultivating rice for fighting against slime and seaweed in rice checks.

It is necessary to take into account, that copper sulphate does not influence in any way the development of bacteria and viruses. These problems are taken care of with other chemical preparations. In most jurisdictions all copper sulphate pool products used, as an algicide must be registered. Registered products carry labels with directions for use as well as precautions to minimize hazard to users of the products.
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Atáthe European exhibition ináMadrid copper sulphate ofáour enterprise has been awarded with aáprize for the best quality ináEurope.
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Chemical products based on copper sulphate are used to control algae growth in swimming pools. These products do not influence on development of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses in water of swimming pools. To protect users of pools copper sulphate based chemical products should be used in complex with disinfectants.
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