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The basic component of copper sulphate is copper. Due to magnificent properties of electro conductivity and concerning low cost in comparison with silver and gold, copper, undoubtedly, is the main electro technical metal. Thus electro conductive elements in technical equipment are mainly made of copper, or become plated with copper by means of electroplating.

Copper sulphate is widely applied as raw material in electro technical and iron and steel industry. Being dissolved in water practically without the residue, copper sulphate is the basic component of electroplating processes for plating of metal products with copper to increase their electro conductivity, and for improving resistance to corrosion.

Production of electro technical chips is inextricably related to use of copper sulphate.

Draw plates, subjected to friction forces of extreme magnitude when a pipe or a wire is being drawn through them, require constant lubrication with copper sulphate physical properties of which make it very effective.

Besides, copper sulphate is widely applied for production of synthetic fibres, organic dyes, mineral paints, chemicals, to enrichment of ore by floatation, in pharmaceutical industry.

In the recent years we began applying copper for neutralization of exhaust gases in automobile catalytic converters with inclusion of sulphuric acid.

Sulphuric copper is applied during shiny nickel plating. The process is intended for producing of shiny nickel covering on products of simple and complex shape from electrolyte with the raised levelling ability and shine of the covering.

We actively apply copper sulphate for copper plating of various products for household and industrial use. So, for example, with participation of copper sulphate fishing minnows, various hardware, kitchen utensils are copper plated. Copper sulphate is widely used in arts and crafts for making subjects look older.

Sulphuric copper or copper sulphate also be applied for antiseptization and conservation of wood that allows to avoid damage of wood by fungi, and to protect wood from various beetles, and rodents, which in its turn leads to a longer life of products made of this material.
Atáthe European exhibition ináMadrid copper sulphate ofáour enterprise has been awarded with aáprize for the best quality ináEurope.
Chemical products on the basis of copper sulphate are used for preventing growth of algae in swimming pools. These products do not affect development of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses in the water of swimming pools. To protect users of pool chemical products on the basis of copper sulphate should be used in complex with disinfectants.
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