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The Washing Composition «NAFTOK»
The Engineering Specifications:
  • The patent of Ukraine is № 68666 from 23.09.2003. The washing composition for clearing surfaces of petrolium products and oil.
  • Specifications is TU U 24.5-00203708-008-2004 means technical washing composition «Naftok»
  • The conclusion of the sanitary-and-hygienic examination on manufacture of «Naftok» is № 05.03.02-07/34658 from 31.08.2004.
  • The conclusion of the sanitary-and-hygienic examination on application of ’’Naftok«is № 05.03.02 — 04/25859 from 31.06.2005
  • The Certificate of Testing from 25.10.2004 of «Naftok» on release to a batch production

Open Society PCF «Olimp-Krug» Ltd. together with Joint-Stock Company «Engineering Center Transsound» has been developed the technical washing composition of new generation «Naftok», intended for clearing various tanks from the heavy petrorests is developed. «Naftok» it can be used for clearing automobile and tanks, fuel tanks, stationary oil storages, ship fuel and cargo tanks, the various greasy equipment. And also it can be applied for cleaning external the greasy surfaces of units.


Working concentration of a preparation «Naftok» 4-5 %. Commodity concentration of 25-30 %. Does not possess corrosive attack to ferrous metals and plastics. Unlike analogues (basically Russian) the given preparation does not form direct and return the mixed liquid.

Principle of action

A washing-up liquid «Naftok» has repeated action. Updating of a solution is made by addition of a fresh concentrate as the washing solution does not form a mixed liquid with mineral oil. Ď╠Đ it is quickly and easily stratified with mineral oil. Check the sample:

Sample 15 seconds later 30 seconds later 45 seconds later 60 seconds later

Physical and chemical characteristics

The «Naftok» represents a liquid from shining yellow up to dark brown color. Relative density 1,1-1,25. A smell — specific, not irritating, not sharp. Does not contain toxic products. Does not irritate Integument

Security measures

The security measure are similar as at work with weak -alkaline preparations. Ďhe «Naftok» it is not toxic, sewage and waste are absent or a subject to dump in sewer systems without preliminary processing with small dissolution. It is explosion-proof and fireproof.

Storage and transportation

As container for the «Naftok» is an iron and plastic flanks, capacities from black iron can be applied. The transportation can be realising in the flanks, automobile tanks, railway tanks. The «Naftok» is not keeping in an aluminium tanks.

Atáthe European exhibition ináMadrid copper sulphate ofáour enterprise has been awarded with aáprize for the best quality ináEurope.
Animals suffering from the lack of copper are exposed to loss of appetite and internal diseases. The decrease of consumption of iron leads to anaemia accompanying with diarrhoea and heart diseases.
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