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About Burgundy mixture
Copper sulphate is the oldest and most effective means of protection of fruiters, bushes, vines and other plants from various fungal diseases. The main component of copper sulphate is copper. Besides fungicide properties, copper is the major micronutrient for the majority of plants and animals.

More than a century of experience using copper sulphate confirms its harmlessness for growth of plants. The most widespread and tested fungicide on the territory of the former USSR is Bordeaux mixture or Bordeaux liquid which is produced by mixing water solution of copper sulphate with water suspension of hydrated lime. In this mixture lime acts as sulphur acid neutralizer, an adhesive, ensuring prolonged presence of crystals of dried up copper sulphate on leaves and trunks of fruit plants and bushes. Besides lime suspension provides tightening of the Bordeaux liquid on the surface of the leaf and smoothly spreading molecules of copper on it.

It is better not to prepare Bordeaux mixture in advance as its components tend to cake hardening rather quickly, and it becomes unusable. Along with indisputable advantages, unfortunately, Bordeaux mixture has also disadvantages. For producing of Bordeaux mixture, its filtration, which is very inconvenient procedure preventing lime clogging of the nozzle of the spraying device, is absolutely necessary.

In that sense the more convenient chemical is the Burgundian mixture in which sodium carbonate is used instead of lime. Compared with lime sodium carbonate, as well as copper sulphate, is dissolved in water practically without residue. It gives Burgundy mixture a lot of advantages in comparison with Bordeaux. First of all, Burgundy mixture adheres much better and is kept longer on the processed surfaces of plants. For the best sticking of fungicides to leaves of plants it is possible to add milk or milk products, silicate or casein glue, soap.

Why is it possible to add any of the listed substances into Burgundy liquid, which is made of copper sulphate and sodium carbonate, and why is it impossible to add soap into Bordeaux liquid, which is made of copper sulphate and suspension of lime? Calcium contained in Bordeaux liquid forms insoluble compound, which clogs the sprayer. In Burgundy liquid calcium is not available. Therefore for stickiness it is possible to add soap to it.

Atáthe European exhibition ináMadrid copper sulphate ofáour enterprise has been awarded with aáprize for the best quality ináEurope.
Animals suffering from the lack of copper are exposed to loss of appetite and internal diseases. The decrease of consumption of iron leads to anaemia accompanying with diarrhoea and heart diseases.
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