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Beware of fake!
Dear customers! Sadly, we must report a case of unfair competition. You may be offered a fake product under our brand that has nothing to do with our company.

Recently, a faulty product has appeared on the Ukrainian market. It is actually table salt colored with a blue pigment, packed in 25 kg bags and sold as copper sulfate under our company’s brand (“Copper sulfate OAO OLYMP-KRUG”). The distinguishing feature of this fake product is that the print on the bag is arranged differently and that the date of manufacture and batch number are printed (whereas we put these by hand using a permanent marker). Other differences can be observed by comparing our bag versus the fake bag.


«approved stencil»

Seeing all of the above, we ask you to buy our products only from our company directly or from OOO “OLYMP-DNEPR”, who is our representative all over Ukraine.

Our company is in no way responsible for quality issues with copper sulfate purchased from other manufacturers.

Atthe European exhibition inMadrid copper sulphate ofour enterprise has been awarded with aprize for the best quality inEurope.
Animals suffering from the lack of copper are exposed to loss of appetite and internal diseases. The decrease of consumption of iron leads to anaemia accompanying with diarrhoea and heart diseases.
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