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The certificate on a control system of quality źUkrSEPRO╗
The certificate on a control
system of quality DP “Odessastandardmetrology”
Open joint stock company PCF «Olimp-Krug» Ltd. (former «The Odessa Superphosphate Plant»), one of the oldest in the industry, was founded in December 1885 for producing of mineral salts and acids. In 1890 products of the plant were shipped to 18 cities of Russia and exported abroad.

Now the main product made by the plant is copper sulphate. Initial production of this substance was started in 1886. Copper sulphate is used in agriculture as the effective means of protecting plants, in metallurgy and in other industries of national economy.

Open joint stock company PCF «Olimp-Krug» Ltd. is the only copper sulphate producing plant in the European part of the CIS. It produces 13,000 tons of copper sulphate a year. And the production of synthetic liquid detergents is 5,000 tons a year.

At the European exhibition of industrial goods which took place in Madrid in November, 1997 copper sulphate of «OLIMP-KRUG» was awarded with a Prize for the best quality in Europe. In 2003 the enterprise started a new line of packaging copper sulphate in polypropylene laminated UN-approved box type bags.

Today the enterprise is developing the technology of adding an anticaking agent, which prevents copper sulphate crust forming during long period of storage.

In 1990 Open joint stock company PCF «Olimp-Krug» Ltd. together with Institute of Water named after Dumanskiy and Odessa branch of TNITS «Water-processing» started production of potable water of improved quality (by disinfecting and filtering) with the apparatus OIOA-100. Water «OLIMP» surpasses all strict requirements of the world standards on quality indicators. Nowadays there is a purifying and cleaning water installation with capacity of 100 m3 a day in the plant that produces high quality drinking water.

Since 2002 the enterprise has been preparing for producing of distilled water in plastic containers for use in preparation of electrolytes and chemical analysis, for refilling pressing irons and accumulator batteries, and also for preparation of solutions of reactants.

Today the plant is located in the northern part of Odessa occupying the area of 23 hectares. The company owns a mechanical shop, a warehouse, a garage accommodating the company's auto transportation fleet, deep water well for technological water supply.

At the plant there is a railway terminal with 9 tracks with the total length of 6 km, and own railway depot and diesel locomotives. The territory of the terminal directly adjoins the railway station «Odessa, Zastava-1».

The plant has a working reloading complex with a warehouse with the area of 11,000 square meters, three gantry grab cranes, an elevated railway track for unloading any cars with free-flowing cargoes. All this provides high cargo throughput. The close location of transhipment complex from the Odessa seaport makes it even more attractive for partners and customers of the factory.

The main asset of the enterprise today is the team of chemists with 120-years traditions in chemical industry.

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Atáthe European exhibition ináMadrid copper sulphate ofáour enterprise has been awarded with aáprize for the best quality ináEurope.
Chemical products on the base of copper sulphate are used as an algaecide in swimming pools. These products do not influence on the development of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses in the water of swimming pools. To protect users of pools chemical products containing copper sulphate should be used with disinfectants.
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