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Copper sulphate is the oldest and most effective mean for protection of fruiters, bushes, grapevines and other plants from various diseases. The main component of copper sulphate is copper. More than a century of experience of copper sulphate usage confirms its harmlessness for growth of plants.

PCF «Olimp-Krug» Ltd. (The Odessa Superphosphate Plant) is the only copper sulphate producing company in the European part of the CIS. Production was started in 1885.

Usually copper sulphate is produced at electrochemical copper plants, utilizing used electrolytes as raw material. These electrolytes contain many harmful substances. PCF company «OLIMP- KRUG» favourably differs because of use of pure components for its production. The employment pure copper, with its preliminary refinement and high quality chemicals (a sulphuric acid of the high quality of grade «A») allows making a very pure product, almost of perfect pureness.

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At´┐Żthe European exhibition in´┐ŻMadrid copper sulphate of´┐Żour enterprise has been awarded with a´┐Żprize for the best quality in´┐ŻEurope.
Copper sulphate (CuSO4 x 5H2O) is intended for agriculture, industry (for the production of artificial fibres, organic paints, chemicals, for enrichment of ore by flotation).
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